CVE University Day 2015 Students Projects

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Supervisor: Mr. Awesar + Dr. Sabah
Number of Project: 7
Number of Student: 30
Referees: Dr. Ibrahim & Mr. Sardasht (in), Dr. Jalal Ahmad (ex)



Arch Bridge
Abdulqadir Fatih, 
Azhin Kamaran, 
Meer Gew, 
Zanyar Bahadin, 
Rizhwan Abdulwahid
One of the engineeringfields is 
structural field that show the structures 
in different designs. Arch bridge can 
be explained as a good example for 
this purpose and manually can be 
tested on university day. 

Dr. Sabah Saadi



Komar Campus 

Kashan Bahadin, 
Rawa Rebwar, 
Mohamad Arif, 
Sayan Shwan, 
Shaye Kamaran
This model highlights the construction 
of the New Komar University Campus 
in Qularaisi- Sarchnar. The students 
will talk about the details of the design 
and share their comments regarding 
the new campus such as Cost, time, 
materials, etc..

Mr. Awesar Abd Hussain


Titanic Hotel

Bushra Omer,
Przha Kamal, 
Heero Mohamad, Dlpak Ali
The titanic hotel in Suli is one of the 
other attractive projects in the city. 
The civil Engineering students have 
covered to design the project with 
different scale. So they can share 
their ideas of the design and purpose of the project itself. 

Mr. Awesar Abd Hussain


Surveying levels
Nwenar Jawhar, 
Mohamad Adil, 
Zanyar Taha, 
Lania Ali
One the major fields of Civil 
engineering is Surveying, the
leveling Instrument. It will be used 
on university day to give a principle of measurement and surveying generally. 

Mr. Awesar Abd Hussain


Geology samples
Shadan Ezadin, 
Chra Osman, 
Roza Ali, 
Harem Omer
The samples of rocks andminerals 
are presented by students to cover 
their types. Also geological work 
in the civil engineering will be
discussed by students. 

Mr. Awesar Abd Hussain


Cable bridge

Eman Hama, 
Chawan Star,
Naivan Sarkawt, Niga Mohamad
The other type of bridgesfor civil 
engineering projects is Cable
bridge, the design for this bridge 
has been done by students. On 
university day, the students will 
explain their project and cover all the purposes in this regard such as; 
materials and design procedure. 

Dr. Sabah Saadi


Truss Bridge
Aram Mohamad, 
Taman Ahmed, saiwan sabir, 
rawezh Faruq

Dr. Sabah Saadi