Performance of CFT (Concrete Filled Steel Tube) Connection in Seismic Hazard Situation

posted Dec 12, 2016, 10:23 PM by Sardasht Sardar
On November 23rd, 2016 Mr Sardasht Sardar a coordinator of CVE/ Komar university of science and technology held a seminar titled "Performance of CFT (Concrete Filled Steel Tube) Connection in Seismic Hazard Situation".

The Seminar Aims to explain the performance of composite structure under varying seismic hazard situation. He clarified that as the application of performance-based seismic design begins to get root, new structural concepts need to  be developed. Concrete filled steel tube (CFT) can be considered as a typical construction hybrid system since CFT combines both the advantages of ductility associates with steel structure with the stiffness of concrete components. 

The typical welded steel moment frame connection used in seismically active zone failed to provide the expected ductility. Recently, bolted connections have become popular among other types of connections.  Providing robustness of the connection would be increased by replacing bolted rods with shape memory alloy (SMA) bars.

Finally, the appreciation letter upon the success of the seminar had been awarded by Dr Jalal a Vise President of Academic Affairs.