kawa Zedan

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kawa Ziedan Abdulrahman

Asst. Professor Dr. Kawa Zaidan Abdulrahman.
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: 23/01/1979.
Place of Birth: Kirkuk – Iraq.
Marital State: Married.
Scientific Title:
Assistant Professor since 2016
B.Sc. Civil Engineering, 2001.
M.Sc. Civil Engineering (Hydraulic Structures) 2004.
Ph.D. Water Resources Engineering, 2012
College & University:
B.Sc. Civil Engineering, University of Al-Anbar, Anbar Iraq.
M.Sc. Civil Engineering, University of Al-Anbar, Anbar, Iraq.
Ph.D. Water Resources Engineering, University of Sulaimani, Iraq
Professional Membership:
Iraqi Engineers Union Member.
Kurdistan Region Engineers Union Member.
Previous career history
Lecturer @ Irrigation Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of
Sulaimani, Iraq, since 2004.
Teaching Experience
I have good knowledge of curriculum development. Experience of
designing an appropriate curriculum that meets the personalized needs
of students. Able to apply appropriate disciplinary measures where
necessary. Keeping up to date with developments in teaching resources
and methods and making relevant changes to instructional plans and
I have taught the following subjects during my academic life.
1 Engineering Analysis 6 Fluid Mechanics
2 Dams Engineering 7 Advanced Hydrology
3 Drainage Engineering 8 Advanced Hydraulic Structures
4 Autocad & Civil3d 9 Statistics
5 Mathematics II 10 Irrigation Engineering
Other Related Experience:
• Study and design of Sourqaushan Dam, Sulaimani Iraq 2009.
• Study and design of Sotka Farm dam, Sulaimani Iraq 2010.
• Hydrologic study of Sourqaushan dam, 2009.
• Hydrologic study of Damrkan farm dam, 2010.
• Hydrologic study of Goshan farm dam, 2011.
• Study and design of Tlazait Farm dam, Sulaimani Iraq 2012.
• Consultant at Aliawa dam project, Qaradagh, Sulaimani, Iraq 2013.
• Study and design of Tazhga Dam, Sulaimani, Iraq 2014-2015.
• Study and design of Chokhmakh Dam (as a team design with Dr.
Putrus Khdury), Sulaimani, Iraq 2014-2015.
• Hydrologic study of Tazhga dam, 2014.
• Hydrologic study of Chokhmakh dam, 2014.
• Team Leader of Kirkuk Regulator 1 project with UNDP 2019.
• Reasearches
1. Sediment Transport Upstream of Reservoir of Haditha Dam. Journal of Engineering and Development (Al-Mustansyriah University), 9 (4), p45-66. 2005.
2. Sotka dam seepage; evaluation and possible remediation. Sulaimani Journal for Engineering Sciences (Sulaimani University) 3 (3), P75-81, 2016.
3. Hydrological mo d e l l i n g o f Chaqchaq ungauged watershed using Arcswat model. Journal of Zankoi Sulaimani. 201 (1), Part A. 2016.
4. Case Study of the Chaq-Chaq Dam Failure: Parameter Estimation and Evaluation of Dam Breach Prediction Models. Int. Journal of Engineering Research and Applications. Vol. 4, Issue 5 (Version 1), May 2014, pp.109-116.
5. Performance of Darbandikhan Dam during a major earthquake on November 12, 2017. EWG2019-3rd Meeting of EWG Dams and Earthquake, An Internatonal symposium, Lisbon, May 2019, PP. 295-308.• Phone: (00964)

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