NVE students Field Trip to Dukan Dam

On 27/12/2017 a scientific field trip was held for the students in “Environmental Hydrology” course, included the visiting of  “Dukan Dam”. This field trip was offered through Komar University, Engineering College, and Environmental department. The aims of the trip were to providing opportunities for students to experience many different contexts beyond the classroom. Moreover, the trip was in the range of course activities that have been acknowledged as valuable learning experiences in the way how students learn and how field trips can help enhance learning. In addition, the trip not only contribute to internalizing relevant hydrological theory and concepts but also cognitive and effective learning can occur as a result of class visits to out-of-university settings, and learning outcomes are fundamentally influenced by the structure of the field trip, setting novelty, prior knowledge and interest of the students, the social context of the visit. During the trip, students had been achieving most of the relevant information related to the course that they have studied throughout the semester, including precipitations data (e.g. rainfall, runoff, intensity, duration …ect, any available rain gauges and their types); inflows and outflows; catchments area; losses (e.g. evaporation, infiltration) ;stream flows records; geological data (e.g. Soil type) and reservoir monitoring (e.g. water surface elevation measurement, flow measurement, method of measurement .ect). Komar University would like to thank the administration of Dukan Dam and appreciate their effort.