Alan Saeed Abdulrahman

My name is Alan Saeed Abdulrahman,I was born in Sulaimanya-Iraq in 1960.

I finished my B.Sc in civil engineering in 1982 in Slaimanya University.

I hold MSc in Structural Engineering from University Technology-Baghdad from 1989.

Now I am preparing for a phD degree in Structural Engineering at University of Sulaimanya.

Currently I am one of the staff teachers of Civil Engineering College in Sulaimanya University, as well as being instructor  in Komar University to teach Engineering Materiala and Reinforced Concrete II.

Since 1982 I have worked  as excutive engineer with so many projects.And  as well as a structural designer to design many types of buildings such as  low and high rise reinforced concrete buildings subjected to earthquakes, steel buildings, …….

Also, I have worked with one of the united nations agencies U.N.D.P for three years.

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